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Participation in the WEGO-RIITE project includes completing online professional (PD) development activities. Although the project does not involve college credit activities, your participation in the training and full implementation of the project can be used to earn points towards your licensure renewal.
When: After completing the self-paced PD modules as well as after full implementation, the facilitators of WEGO-RIITE will provide you with a certificate that lists the number of hours to be used towards licensure renewal and a brief description of the activity.
What: It is anticipated that the completion of online modules will take you approximately 5 hours. The full implementation of the WEGO-RIITE project will includes WEGO-RIITE instruction planning (which will earn you ~5 hours), participation in PLCs (which will earn you ~5 hours), and engaging in data-driven decision making about your writing instruction (which will earn ~5 hours).
How: If you are working with a school division, you should share the certificate with your advisor and get advisor approval on these renewal activities. If you are not working with a school division, you can send the certificate materials directly to your district/state DOE for PD credit.

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