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WEGO-RIITE: Writing Efficiently with Graphic Organizers – Responsive Instruction while Implementing Technology Effectively
(2018 – current)

TBGO stands for a technology-based graphic organizer. WEGO-RIITE’s TBGO and TBGO+ incorporate evidence-based strategies, video models, and opportunities for data-driven decision making in order to improve (1) the quality of persuasive essay writing by students with high-incidence disabilities struggling with writing and (2) responsive writing instruction integrating technology by general and special education teachers.

(1) TBGO for student users is a Chrome-based web application, which includes:
  • Table-to-text graphic organizer scaffolding the writing process
  • Mnemonic IDEAS to guide persuasive essay composition
  • Self-regulated learning strategies (e.g., goal setting, self-instruction, self-monitoring, self-evaluation)
  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) supports (e.g., audio comments, text hints, text-to-speech)
  • Video models to introduce students to high-quality essay parts and steps required to complete TBGO.

To access the TBGO (student side only; no login version), please click here.

WEGO-RIITE Manual offers step-by-step directions of how to navigate TBGO and TBGO+.

(2) TBGO+ Teacher Dashboard:

In addition to features that support students’ writing performance, the Teacher Dashboard offers opportunities for teacher users to make data-driven decisions about their writing instruction. It stores and organizes data on students’ use of the TBGO as well as offers a side-by-side presentation of the students’ completed TBGO and an interactive analytic writing rubric. For any low-scored writing component, teachers are encouraged to make an individualized instructional decision using the data-driven decision-making (DDDM) maps embedded into the rubric. The DDDM maps offer suggestions for targeted instruction, including video models and remedial activities to assign to students and/or explicit 1:1 teacher lead check-in to further support students with writing a persuasive essay.

To access the TBGO+ (teacher dashboard; login version), please request the login credentials: WEGO-RIITE Login Request Form

WEGO-RIITE Manual offers step-by-step directions of how to navigate TBGO and TBGO+.

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